Samsung S24 Ultra Surprises Everyone with Google’s New AI-Powered Smartphone – Video

Samsung S24 Ultra Surprises Everyone with Google’s New AI-Powered Smartphone – Video

Googles New AI POWERED Smartphone SURPRISED EVERYONE (Samsung S24 Ultra)

Google’s New AI POWERED Smartphone SURPRISED EVERYONE (Samsung S24 Ultra) is a game-changer in the world of communication and productivity. With real-time voice translations during calls, the Galaxy S24 series acts as your personal interpreter, making it easy to communicate in up to 13 languages seamlessly. Whether you’re making international calls or exploring local hotspots while traveling, the live translate feature ensures smooth conversations with anyone, regardless of the device they’re using.

But that’s not all – the AI capabilities extend to messaging as well. With Chat Assist, you can now communicate in multiple languages effortlessly, thanks to on-device translations. The Samsung Keyboard also offers a more intuitive translation feature right in the chat window, making it easier to express yourself creatively and accurately.

Additionally, AI-powered features like Transcript Assist and Note Assist help you organize and summarize your notes, making it a breeze to recall important information from meetings or lectures. And with AI-powered search, finding information on your device is quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Overall, Google’s New AI POWERED Smartphone SURPRISED EVERYONE (Samsung S24 Ultra) is a game-changer in communication, productivity, and convenience, offering innovative features that will revolutionize the way we interact with our devices.

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Video Transcript

So Samsung Galaxy recently had their crazy AI announcement and it was filled to the brim with super interesting things that I guarantee you want to know so after watching the entire thing here are the best bits that are air related that I think you should all pay attention to by providing real time

Voice translations while you’re on a call when you make or receive a call in a language you don’t speak the Galaxy S 24 series can provide live translations of your call both verbally and on screen right away hello can I make a reservation for tomorrow at 7

P.m. of course for how many people table for two please under whose name Harrison thank you see you tomorrow at 700 p.m. amazing right it’s like having your own personal interpreter on your calls the Galaxy s204 series off real time two-way call translations within the native call app it’ll support audio and text

Translations for up to 13 languages at launch and it all happens right there on the device keeping your phone calls private it’ll even remember your language settings and what language each contact speaks so you don’t have to make updates before you have your next conversation and live translate Works no

Matter what kind of phone the other person is using even a landline so if you happen to make a lot of international calls or enjoy exploring local hotspots while traveling live translate makes it easy to have those conversations these translations work in person too Galaxy s24 can act as your personal interpreter

Whether you’re lost and asking for directions or speaking to a merchant at a local Marketplace excuse me I’m looking for the palace can you tell me how to get there walk about two blocks in that direction and turn left okay it’s very easy to find you can’t miss it thank you

Gracias what you say will be translated both verbally and via text for the other person and vice versa so you’ll be able to communicate just like that from calls in the native app to in-person conversations the Galaxy s24 to help you communicate in other languages seamlessly that experience was built

Right into our Samsung keyboard to help you directly translate words or phrases as you type and now you’ll have a more intuitive translation available right in the chat window here to show us how it works please welcome hijen in the past we used to only message in English but

Now with chat assist we can communicate in Spanish too when I told her she couldn’t believe it let me show you how it works when you use chat assist it detects the language and translates the message and when I type my message in English it translates what I wrote into

Spanish oh I should confirm that she’s still free for dinner tomorrow when a message came in the translation showed up right under it let me reply so the on device translation was really really cool I’m pretty sure we know exactly what the application cases are there and I’m excited to see what some

Users tests are going to be because it’s one of the first things that we’ve seen that is really really quick thanks to the developments that we’ve had in generative Ai and the next thing that was really fascinating from this event was of course the expressive Styles

Which I’ll show you guys right now it can also help us communicate better in our own languages too you can select different styles of conversations on Google messages so when you’re writing a casual message to a friend you can choose a chill or excited tone for work you can choose to be more

Formal there’s even a Shakespearean tone when you’re feeling a little Whimsical and this all happens on device on the Galaxy s24 series thanks to Google’s most efficient AI model built for on device tasks Gemini Nano and now with photo emoji on Google messages you can turn your photos into stickers and

Reactions opening up whole new ways to express yourself you can also make tone changes to your notes chats and social media using the Samsung keyboard so if you’re writing a caption for your feed you can apply this social tone for a more expressive creative post we’re also making it easier to

Communicate while you’re on the road Android auto brings the best of the gala experience to your car allowing you to safely navigate access your favorite media and stay connected let’s say you’re driving and your friends are messaging you in a group chat with the power of AI you’ll

Be able to set Android auto to automatically summarize your group messages so you can keep in touch while staying focused on the road Android auto will also suggest relevant replies and actions you can take without touching your phone so if you’re on your way to meet a friend and

They send you a new location no problem with a single tab you’ll be able to navigate to a destination you just received via text easily share your ETA or even send a quick reply Android auto keeps you connected while you’re on the road and with Galaxy’s intuitive one UI

Right on your car’s dashboard you’ll have a seamless experience that makes it easy to just get in the car and go so in that segment there we did get to see the expressive Styles which is really cool because it allows you to transform your writing with generative Ai and format it

For any Stu or event which is very very useful if you’re someone who has to switch between different environments very quickly and someone that sometimes messes up formal and informal just something that is really good at saving you some time and of course generative AI in the car on Android auto meaning

That you can actually do a lot more while being handsfree now next was transcript assist which was really cool and this is essentially a great way to take notes in a meeting I’m sure all of you have had that experience when you’re in a group meeting or lecture and you

Wish someone could take notes for you having a tool that helps you recall who said what and provides a quick recap of lectures and conversations can be helpful to everyone including those who are hard of hearing the native voice recorder app on our galaxy devices has had speech to text available in different

Languages now instead of creating a basic transcript Galaxy I can distinguish between different speaking voices and will even create a short and sweet summary of what was said now something that was similar to transcript assist was of course the note assist and I’m pretty sure everyone

Probably uses notes on a daily basis to maybe jot down some things and having an AI system right there to be able to organize those notes is definitely going to be a game changer with no assist it’s so easy to organize my thoughts let me show you what I

Mean when I’m in a meeting or brainstorming session I often jot things down quickly and need to reorganize my notes later to make sense of them here are some notes from a team project I can tidy things up by adding a bit of structure like headings and bullets to my notes just like

That see how easy that was and I can even select from different styles now I can quick share these notes with my team but wait they don’t need need to read everything I wrote down they just need the key points luckily Galaxy AI can help with that can summarize all my notes into

Just a few key bullet points I’ll show you how see how simple that was whether it’s a club meeting a project brainstorm or just your travel plan no assist has got you covered now next what we’re about to see is AI powered search and this is something that Google have been teasing

With their search updates with generative Ai and I do think this is a pretty neat addition to how search is going to be working in the future you know our phones are really a window to the world’s information and because humans and naturally curious you probably come across things in your apps

All the time that you want to learn more about but when you’re immersed in a moment of Discovery it can feel disruptive to stop what you’re doing and switch to another app to learn more so today we’re introducing a solution I’m thrilled to unveil Circle to search a new way to search anything

On your Android phone using a simple gesture without switching apps thanks to breakthroughs in Google AI you can now Circle highlight scribble or tap whatever you’re curious about on your screen to learn more so let’s take this example where I’m interested in what a Creator is wearing in their social post but they

Didn’t tag the brands today if I see something I’m interested in I’d have to take a screenshot and then leave the app to search it and switching between different apps can be kind of inconvenient and take you out of your flow but now just long press the home

Button to invoke Circle to search and from there you can select any item like these sunglasses to quickly uncover similar options and where to buy them without leaving where you are you could also scribble the bag to see what that is I’ve been really into this padded bag Trend lately so we’ll

Definitely be checking these out it’s so amazing right or if I wanted to know more about the boots instead I could just tap on them quickly to look those up too and just like that your curiosity is satisfied and when you’re done you can just swipe away and you’re right back where you

Started or for example perhaps you’re browsing social and come across what looks like a really delicious corn dog that you want to know more about with the power of generative AI you can ask more complex and nuanced questions than ever before so you can more easily understand Concepts or topics through helpful information

That’s pulled together from across the web so I can Circle the corn dog and ask a question like why are these so popular and I quickly learn that these treats are Korean corn dogs and they’re trending because they feature a unique combination of flavors and textures

Crunchy and gooey at the same time and from there you can get right back to what you are doing this is all possible due to Google’s deep understanding of information in its many forms pair with our worldclass ranking systems to deliver helpful highquality information and of course Google has long been

Committed to keeping your personal data secure and circle to search was built with privacy in mind it’s designed to use only the area you select on your screen to begin your search Okay so we’ve talked a bit about this exciting Innovation but let’s actually see The Magic In Action say my

Friend texts me to plan for our upcoming trip to London she loves vintage clothes and she wants to know if I know of any thrift stores around Camden Market so I can just long press the home button and select the text in home message let’s do that again and instantly see some options

That Thrift St I can go to is that amazing so it looks like London has a really awesome thrifting scene and I think this can one it has a great rating so I think we’ll go there now my friend also says that there’s this chicken restaurant in Convent Garden that I

Guess serves an entire Fried Chicken it sounds amazing but I have absolutely no clue what she’s talking about but again with Soo to set I can just long press the home button and I can Circle the text here and how amazing is that I yes it’s this place called chicken

Sour and I can see all the information about it including I can go in here and see some photos that looks like some amazing fried chicken we should definitely go there now if you’re anything like me I’m sure you love watching videos on your phone so let’s say I’m browsing YouTube shorts

And I see this kind of interesting hanging chair here I’d like to know more but I wouldn’t even know what to say so again with circle to search I long press the home button Circle it right over the video I use my finger or the S Pen and

Up Pops some results and see a bunch of different options here and if I want to I can recircle and here are even more options and I can click on any of the it’s just so magical I can just learn more about anything that I see with circle toarch the power of

Google AI is just a press away no matter where you are on your phone only on Android and it’s absolutely and we’re excited to announce that circuit search will be available across all three models of the Galaxy s24 series this incredible new capability is the result of deep collaboration with

Samsung and we’re thrilled to bring the latest Innovations from Google search to Galaxy users around the world we look forward to building on our extensive partnership with Samsung as we enter this next era of AI powered experiences and with that I’ll hand it back to Drew and of course actually did have a

Small snippet where they talked about on device privacy where you can essentially choose whether or not you want to use the cloud to process your data or process it on your device and we know how important it is to safeguard your privacy along the way so with a Galaxy

S24 series making decisions about your data is in your hands we’re giving you total transparency and full control under advanced intelligence settings you can decide whether you want to allow online process in and full functionality of AI now this is about to get crazy because this is where we get

To their Pro visual engine which is their AI powered camera that can do some really really crazy stuff today Galaxy s24 Ultra will maximize your creative freedom with a wide ranging Suite of AI tools powered by an allnew Pro visual engine Tera are you ready to show

Everyone what the Galaxy s24 camera can do yes HED I’ve seen posts that the S series is a must bring item for concerts that’s why when we went to see band tomorrow by together we brought along the Galaxy s24 Ultra to replicate The Fan Experience see although it’s a dimly lit

Environment and we were far away with the Galaxy s24 knitography and space Zoom we were able to zoom in to see TX te as if we were in the front row and from up front in the dark Concert Hall we could clearly capture details even their facial

Expressions and if you thought that Zoom stuff was impressive take a look at this AI powered camera from Samsung that allows you to do some incredible edits using the generative AI capabilities what does it do it’s Samsung’s smartest AI powered camera ever designed try to announce the way people use zoom in their

Day-to-day with the new 5x optical zoom lens with 50 megapixel sensor they closed the gap between the 3x and 10x zoom lenses and found the optimal Hardware combination for high quality photos and videos this fresh new lens even delivers topnotch Optical quality in 10x Zoom get a shot of us Too that is impressive how does it work the Galaxy s24 Ultra captures 50 megapixel images with the new 5x optical zoom lens then crops the center of the screen to create an impeccable 12 mpix image with no loss in image quality thanks to the new improved npu

The AI is faster and more accurate this means it can perform multi-frame processing and super resolution simultaneously from the Geto so cropped 12 megapixel images still have top Nodge quality Galaxy s24 Ultra optimizes separate frames into a single exceptional image wow Bravo hope your PLS there’s more AI quickly analyzes images from both

Cameras even before you press the shutter and based on the recogition of different types of subjects it Tunes details in each the AI touches up the skin sharpens details like grass and trees and even arify subtities in clothing and hair particular few optimal Resorts with maximum beef pill Galaxy s24 Ultra powerful AI

Technology is sure again wow people with its unparalleled picture quality impressive Samsung Galaxy smartest AI camera so EP now if that wasn’t enough there’s of course more ways to edit it and we’re seeing some really really cool uses of generative fill on Samsung’s new device

That is going to to be a major major help and we even had Mr Beast showing us a live demo of how effective it actually is last 10 years I’ve led a team of camera and AI experts at Samsung research where we developed several generations of AI multiframe

Technologies that power the core of some of our most loved camera features such as knitography space Zoom High megapixel processing and expert raw and with the pro visual engine we are making it even easier for you to get prole photos and videos even if you just point and

Shoot Pro visual engine doesn’t just help you get the shot it also simplifies photo editing when you’re viewing photos in your gallery your Galaxy s24 will automatically suggest editing options like here do you see how this picture captured the reflection and glare from the harsh overhead lighting edit suggestion is recommending that we

Fix that with a quick press of this button Pro visual engine helps us to remove the reflection and glare as if they were never [Applause] there and generative AI opens up the possibilities of what you can create exponentially you can realign photos and still create epic sharts by magically filling the void

You can also move an object or person and generate a perfectly Blended background where the subject used to [Applause] be masterfully editing your Creations for jaw droping results we understand that with new possibilities for technology there can can also be concerns that’s why with every generated

Image we’ll be adding a watermark to the image and a label in the metad [Applause] data and now you can create and watch a video in slow motion even if you didn’t record it that way Tera take it away in the past slowing down an existing video

Required you to create each missing part frame by frame but now with the pro visual engine you can turn high resolution videos into slow motion with a simple long press it will analyze each frame of the video and add AI generated images in between frames allowing you to watch

Your videos in slow motion impressive right highlight the object to remove it hit this eraser hit generate and just like that I am floating on a giant chocolate bar the other CR gone thank you Samsung so now that the entire thing is done what did you think of Samsung’s new device their

New Samsung Galaxy s24 are you going to be purchasing it I think I might just be doing it considering that it’s one of the only devices running with on device Ai and the rate of AI is moving very very rapidly I definitely want to explore how this technology is being

Adopted into some of the hardware that we use on a day-to-day basis and if it’s really effective but so far what I’ve seen is showing me that it looks to be very very effective

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