Opening Event at ABB Auburn Hills, MI in the United States – Video

Opening Event at ABB Auburn Hills, MI in the United States – Video

The video titled ABB Auburn Hills, MI, U.S. Opening Event showcased the expansion of ABB’s Robotics and Automation Summit at their headquarters in the US. Hosted by Taran Asher, the event featured experts from across ABB, discussing the transformation of the US market. The event offered insights into how ABB is leveraging robotics and AI to enhance productivity, quality, and sustainability in various industries.

Key highlights from the event included ABB’s investment in state-of-the-art facilities, the role of robotics in healthcare and logistics, the impact of reshoring on the manufacturing sector, and the potential for automation in small businesses. Participants also learned about ABB’s customer experience center, training facilities, and the development of autonomous mobile robots.

Overall, the event emphasized the importance of collaboration, innovation, and agility in embracing robotics and automation to drive efficiency and competitiveness. If you missed the livestream, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the discussions and insights shared during the event.

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This event was live-streamed on LinkedIn on 13 March 2024.

Members of the ABB Robotics leadership team outlined our strategy to leverage automation to support the future of US manufacturing.

Experts from our three specialist facilities across the country also joined including our Packaging & Logistics headquarters in Atlanta, Lifesciences and Healthcare Research Lab at the Texas Medical Center in Houston and our AI Research and Development Center in San Jose. ​

Find out:
✔ How robotics can transform manufacturing as it enters a period of unprecedented demand for customized solutions
✔ What the reshoring trend means for a sector already pressured by a skills and labor shortage
✔ How hashtag#AI will enable US manufacturing businesses of all sizes to operate more sustainably through more efficient production, greater human-machine interaction and ready access to insightful performance data

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