OpenAI obtains a humanoid body through Figure AI Robot. – Video

OpenAI obtains a humanoid body through Figure AI Robot. – Video

OpenAI has recently made a groundbreaking move by providing their AI robot, named Figure AI, with a humanoid body. This advancement allows the robot to interact with its surroundings in a more human-like manner, as demonstrated in a recent video. In the video, Figure AI is asked various questions and tasks, such as identifying objects on a table and putting dishes away in a drying rack.

The conversation between the human and Figure AI showcases the robot’s ability to see, understand, and respond to its environment in a thoughtful manner. It is able to identify objects, make decisions, and carry out tasks with precision. This collaboration between OpenAI and Figure AI aims to further develop next-generation AI models for robots, expanding their capabilities and potential uses in various industries.

Overall, this development marks a significant step forward in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. With Figure AI’s humanoid body and advanced capabilities, the possibilities for its integration into different settings and roles are endless. Exciting times lie ahead as we witness the continued evolution of AI technology.

Watch the video by Eze Vidra

Video Transcript

Hey figure one what do you see right now I see a red apple on a plate in the center of the table a drying rack with cups and a plate and you standing nearby with your hand on the table great can I have something to eat sure

Thing great can you explain why you did what you just did while you pick up this trash on it so I gave you the Apple because it’s the only uh edible item I could provide you with from the table great so based on the scene right now

Where do you think the dishes in front of you go next the dishes on the table like that plate and cup are likely to go into the drying rack next great can you put them there of course All right so how do you think you did I I think I did pretty well the apple found its new owner the trash is gone and the table wear is right where it belongs I agree thanks figure one you’re welcome if there’s anything else you need help with just let me Know

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