OmniCore™ V-line – Step-by-Step Guide – Video

OmniCore™ V-line – Step-by-Step Guide – Video

ABB’s OmniCore™ V-line controllers, the V250XT Type B and V400XT, are the latest and most versatile additions to the robot controller family. With new features and benefits, such as the ability to add up to six external access points for more applications, a powerful computer with networking capabilities, and the ABB Connect 4G modem, these controllers are designed for maximum productivity and flexibility.

The V250XT Type B and V400XT controllers offer allocated space for necessary options, extended support for external access, and robust cooling systems with IP65 rating for harsh environments. Additionally, they come equipped with safety features like emergency stop buttons and protective stops, as well as options for additional power supplies and scalable IO.

For those looking to learn more about these controllers, ABB offers a free OmniCore™ V-line E-learning course on their Robotics Online Learning portal. For hands-on training, users can contact their local Training Center via the ABB Robotics Training portal. With the OmniCore™ V-line controllers, ABB is revolutionizing robot control for enhanced energy efficiency and performance.

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Get up to speed on the features and benefits of ABB’s latest OmniCore™ robot controllers, the V250XT Type B and V400XT!

Want to know more? Then register for free to our OmniCore™ V-line E-learning on the ABB Robotics Online Learning portal.

Need more training? Then contact your local Training Center via the ABB Robotics Training portal and “Teacher-led Training”.

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