Mark Zuckerberg’s Latest Announcement Will Revolutionize Everything! – Video

Mark Zuckerberg’s Latest Announcement Will Revolutionize Everything! – Video


In a recent groundbreaking announcement, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a major shift in focus for Meta, previously known as Facebook. The company is now merging its AI research efforts with the goal of building artificial general intelligence (AGI) and making it open source. This move marks a significant step towards developing AI assistants for creators, businesses, and more with advanced cognitive abilities, including reasoning and planning.

Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of open sourcing AGI to make it widely available and beneficial for everyone. The company is investing in a substantial amount of infrastructure, including 350,000 Nvidia h100s and 600,000 h100 equivalent of compute, to train large-scale AI models responsibly.

Furthermore, Meta is exploring the integration of AI with the metaverse, envisioning a future where people interact with AI assistants through glasses. The announcement has sparked discussions about the potential impact of open source AGI on society and the accelerating pace of AI development.

Overall, Zuckerberg’s statement has left many in the tech industry intrigued and excited about the possibilities and implications of this new direction for Meta and the future of AI technology.

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Video Transcript

So there was a crazy announcement a couple of hours ago and I honestly should have covered this earlier but there was a lot of information that I wanted to include into this video because Mark zuuker bird just made an announcement about AI that honestly left me quite shocked because I didn’t see

This coming from him considering his company was just focused on the metaverse not too long ago so take a look at this announcement because we got to do a deep dive about this and um I’m pretty sure it’s going to shock you guys too hey everyone today I’m bringing

Metas 2 AI research efforts closer together to support our long-term goals building general intelligence open- sourcing it responsibly and making it available and useful to everyone in all of our daily lives it’s become clearer that the next generation of services requires building full general intelligence building the best AI

Assistants AIS for creators AIS for businesses and more that needs advances in every area of a from reasoning to planning to coding to memory and other cognitive abilities this technology is so so important and the opportunities are so great that we should open source and make it as widely available as we

Responsibly can so that way everyone can Ben we’re building an absolutely massive amount of infrastructure um to support this by the end of this year we’re going to have around 350,000 Nvidia h100s or around 600,000 h100 equivalent of compute if you include other GP we’re currently training llama 3 and we’ve got an

Exciting road map of of future models that we’re going to keep training responsibly and safely people are also going to need new devices for AI and this brings together Ai and the metaverse because over time I think a lot of us are going to talk to AIS frequently throughout the day and I

Think a lot of us are going to do that using glasses because glasses are the ideal form factor for letting an AI see what you see and hear what you hear so it’s always available to help out Rayband metag glasses with meta AI are already off to a very strong start and

Overall across all this stuff we are just getting started so that announcement is incredible because there is a lot to dive into if you know anything about AI so he also did uh post this on Instagram this is basically the Tex version and I think this is a crazy

Announcement because not only does he you know talk about you know what he’s doing with a Ai and mainly he basically said AGI he wants open- Source AGI which is absolutely incredible because before he was just doing you know standard llms um and now they’re doing open sarch artificial general intelligence and I

Find it very interesting and fascinating that he’s also made the same shift that open AI did because if you remember it was only around 3 or 4 months ago that open a ey made the shift from you know saying that you know we’re going to be

Building XY Z to our main focus is you know AGI but Mark Zuckerberg is talking about open source AGI so that everyone can benefit so that is a really good thing and that is truly truly fascinating now something else that he did say as well that was pretty crazy

Was that the um cluster announcement so their uh GPU cluster is absolutely incredible guys 350,000 h100s and almost 600,000 h100s equivalent of compute by the end of the year is absolutely incredible guys like that is so much there was even an image that I’ll show

You guys later on in the video that just goes to show how crazy of an announcement this is um and later on the video we also will talk about AI devices because I think their Rayban metag glasses are absolutely incredible but one of the things I do want to talk

About is the fact that you know people may have missed the Mark here that he says he’s building open source AGI so that is going to that’s really actually going to change the world like I think openi will change the world but they’re a company they’re developing a product

But open source AGI is truly going to change a world because that means that everyone can access it responsibly so which means essentially it’s going to be free so that is incredible okay now he also you know tweeted this on threads but um it’s pretty much the same thing

And um yeah so let’s get into some of the other things cuz there was someone at meta that said something that I did also find rather interesting so meta’s AI Chief doesn’t think that AI superintelligent is coming anytime soon and the skeptical on Quantum Computing

Now if you don’t know who this person is this is Yan Lan um and this guy pretty sure he’s at meta so it says Facebook parent meta held a media event this week in San Francisco highlighting the 10e anniversary of its fundamental AI research team and Society is more likely

To get cat level or dog level AI years before human level AI met a chief science yanan said and I think I don’t want to say that he might live to regret that statement but I do think that if certain companies are working on what we

Think they’re working on then I do think that it is coming faster than many people do think and I do think that the current um you know area and the current speed of you know how fast we’re going I think it’s currently being um I guess you could say underplayed and I think

Rightly so because if it was overblown I definitely think there would be some more regulations trying to stop this but it makes a sense to downplay honestly so he said unlike Google Microsoft and other Tech Giants meta is not making a big bet on Quantum Computing and Quantum

Computing uh there’s a recent video that actually talked about how Quantum Computing um is essentially could be going away in the sense that AI is taking the spotlight because AI allows you to get much more out of traditional computers whereas quantum computers um you know since they are just so

Technical and so hard to get compute out of in terms of actually making them work and error free um AI is making that you know somewhat redundant I guess you could say so um this article was fascinating because of course you know he’s a chief scientist at meta and Mark

Zuckerberg just comes out and says you know we’re focusing on open sourcing AGI we’re you know getting 600,000 h100s the equivalent which is insane which means they’re going to be training loads of models um and and larger models and you know later on the video I’ll show you

Guys some interesting stuff because we literally talked about llama 3 yesterday so I find it fascinating that we talk about llama 3 and then Mark took about today he’s like yeah llama 3 is the thing so essentially um you can see meta’s scientist and deep learning Pioneer yanan said he believes that that

Current AI system are decades away from reaching some semblance of sentience equipped with common sense that can push their abilities Beyond merely summarizing mountains of text in creative ways I disagree okay um and I don’t think I’m smarter than the chief AI scientist at mattera that’s not what

I’m saying I’m just saying I disagree okay um he says his point his point of view stands in contrast to that of nvidia’s CEO Jensen hang who recently said that AI will be fairly competitive with humans in less than 5 years besting people at a multitude of mentally

Intensive tasks and the thing we have to think about is that remember every single time we’ve made made AI predictions before we said AI is never going to be able to do creativity they did creativity AI is always going to replace you know the artist’s loss it

Replaced the artists first AI is you know going to never really replace um you know mentally challenging work first it’s always going to be you know uh the the easiest jobs they get replaced and it looks like you know AI is automating the most mentally challenging task including data analysis uh and things

Like that with code and temperature so I just find AI predictions very very hard because humans do have a poor poor time at predicting the future in terms of Technology um I mean if we just go back you know 30 or so years and if we look

At the technology we have now it’s absolutely incredible so he said I know Jensen Lan said at a recent event highlighting the Facebook parent company’s 10 year anniversary of the fundamental AI research team and he said the Nvidia CEO has much to gain from the

AI craze there is an AI war and he’s supplying weapons that is a very very decent Point um and he said if you think AJ is in the more GPS you have to buy Lan said about technologists attempting to develop artificial general intelligence the kind of AI on par with

Human level intelligence as long as researchers at firms such as open AI continue their pursuit of AGI they will need more of nvidia’s computer chips and that is pretty true because they’re pretty much the only company that has um you know of course has companies like

AMD but Nvidia owns like I think 85 or 95% of the market share in terms of what gpus people are training on and even companies like Google that make their own gpus um they just aren’t fast enough and uh companies really are trying to make their own but I think it’s I would

I wouldn’t say it’s pointless because of course you don’t want to depend on a company like Nvidia because if you’re dependent on one company if anything ever happens to that company yours kind of slows down but you know Nvidia are just absolutely incredible at what they

Do and I find that trying to compete with them and what they do is is it’s it’s admirable but I don’t I don’t know if it really makes any sense from a business standpoint you can see right here that text is a very poor source of information lean said explaining that

Would likely take 20,000 years for human to read the amount of text that has been used to train modern language models train a system on the equivalent of 20,000 years of reading material they still don’t understand that if a is the same as B then B is the same as a

There’s a lot of really basic things about the world that they just don’t get through this kind of training L said um and I think that while his statements are fascinating about the fact that you know AGI isn’t that quick and it’s not going to come anytime soon I think that

If you know certain companies like like open aai and Google um and other independent Labs like mistra um allowed to keep progressing at the rate that they’re progressing and companies like Deep Mind are continuing to build on systems like Gemini I really do think that it we could definitely get AGI

Within the next 5 years and I don’t think that it’s decades away like really really don’t think it’s decades away because you know recent videos circulating on the internet from like AI explained showcasing that smart GPT and other systems have so much more potential just based on changing how we

Prompt and GPT 4 has been out for pretty much just over a year now and we’ve seen the you know abilities of GPT 4 just based on prompting like it increase what this model has been able to do so I think you know openi in that time you

Know have definitely developed you know smarter and smarter systems and maybe they’re going to release them maybe they won’t maybe they’ll lobotomize them maybe they won’t I mean you know we really have no idea and I do think even if open ey invented a super smart system

I don’t think they would release it straight away because I think open wants to gradually um introduce us into these models because that makes sense and I think that if the model was just absolutely incredible um I think it would definitely put fear into the markets and of course that is not

Something you want to do especially when open ey doesn’t really need to do that especially considering right now they are the market leader so this image right here shows us the Nvidia h100 GP use shipments by customer and these were estimates um based on some data but it

Goes to show um just how crazy meta’s investment is and this was last year and I’m guessing that next year it’s going to be even crazier so we don’t know how much Microsoft is getting I I mean there are some estimates rolling around and I think it there was an estimate that

There were around 60,000 gpus used to train GPT 4 so either way gpus are going to be the future to train these models um and I do think that in the future we’re going to see bigger and bigger training runs but in additionally I don’t think the MS law for training runs

Is going to be there because I’m pretty sure that the systems are going to get more and more efficient within the same amount of space so one thing that nobody seems to be talking about and everyone’s talking about you know llama 3 um and I’m going to talk a little bit about

Llama 3 in a moment but one thing that nobody seems to be talking about okay and if you haven’t guys if you are someone who is in the AI space I would urge you I would urge you I would urge you all to take a look at this okay so

The glasses the glasses the glasses the glasses okay this was something that people just glowed glazed over because people were like llama 3 llama 3 okay llama 3 is amazing but the reason this is crazy okay because he basically made an announcement about the glasses that

People just missed okay he said that the two major parts of our vision Ai and the meterse are connected by the end of the decade I think lots of people will talk to AIS frequently throughout the day using smart glasses like what we’re building with rayan meta so Mark

Zuckerberg basically just said in his video that um in the future in terms of like you know end of the decade which is six years away okay so within 6 years we’re going to have glasses that are going to be having an AI system on board we know that it’s completely possible on

Board we know that it’s possible with real time latency and we know that with increasingly better Vision models um this is going to be absolutely incredible in terms of what a eyes can see so I think that that is going to be absolutely incredible now you might be

Someone that hasn’t paid attention to the Rayban smart glasses but I have because um I like looking at technology I like staying up to date with these things and these things are actually good like if you remember Google Glasses for from a couple of years ago you’ll

Know that Google glasses were you know strange they were weird things to put on your face but but Google Glasses um just doesn’t compare to this because these glasses are really really good now I haven’t tried them but I’ve seen the quality I’ve seen the reviews and um

I’ve ordered a pair and I really can’t wait to try it so essentially what these glasses do they have um a little camera in them like right here so I’m I’m going to play you guys a review in a second but essentially they have a camera right

Here that you can record with and they don’t look out like they don’t look like some big huge glasses they look like completely normal they have a little camera there they have music that can play you can talk to them you can you know be on a phone call with them you

Can listen to music you can um do a lot with them um and they actually do act as glasses so for example if you do have glasses you’re someone that wears prescription glasses you can actually change these out to work with your you know whatever it is that you have spec

Saers or whatever and if it’s someone that just wants them to be stylish they actually do function as sunglasses as well now you might be thinking that this is just all talk but I really want to you know tell you guys why the future is going to be crazy because as cool as

These glasses are imagine having an AI in them that can see what you see can hear what you hear um and can help you out in your daily life um and is really really effective so there’s a clip from um and I want you guys to see this

Because it’s really cool um and it just explains how good this really is lenses which is I started playing music oh wait they are transition I thought they were just clear no check this out I thought they were just clear too I went apple picking this weekend

And I put them on and I thought my friends were going to be like David you don’t wear glasses what are you doing are you being lame again and then um what actually happened was they looked like this and for audio listeners they turned into Reg sungasses they did wow

Yeah they transition to regular sunglasses me explain what everyone loves transition oh yeah we don’t we haven’t explained what these actually are so we’re wearing some glasses So Meta made smart glasses in collaboration with Ray bands if you’ve seen Ray yeah if you’ve seen Ray band sunglasses they’ve been popular and expensive and

Well known for a while hundreds of years then Ray band stories came along that was the first gen this is the second gen from meta this is a pair of sunglasses that inside of them has a camera some microphones some speakers a computer a touchpad on the side and some batteries

To keep it powered for a couple hours and a shutter button on top for your photos and videos and it looks kind of just like a normal pair of sunglasses almost exactly like a regular pair of sunglasses like this is one of their Styles and this is how this is how it

Would look out the box if you didn’t see the sort of a semic clear thing on the you would there’s some tech in there and and the the cameras so this is what they would look like and you could walk around take first person videos and do a

Whole bunch of computing yeah on these the photo and video quality is really good by the way 12 megapixel cameras so I’ll say I agree the yeah and the clip is really really cool so you guys can basically see uh just how they’re talking about it and um yeah here’s

Where you can see the actual quality of this it doesn’t just look like some you know really really bad stuff it looks really really cool so I mean you know some people are not going to really care but I think that the trend of AI wearables um are going to be really

Really fascinating we’ve seen a lot with rabbit we’ve seen a lot with um many other different companies like Humane the Humane pin but I think this is this is the one that probably is going to Prevail the most because this one is one that isn’t a new device that people have

To get into it’s not something that people have to learn it’s not a new trend that people have to adapt and we know that humans are you know we’re creatures of like comfort and nobody’s going to start wearing something until you know everybody starts wearing it

Which is why are really hard to spot and they’re really hard to take off but um I think this one makes sense because people wear glasses anyways some people need to wear contact lenses these are not intrusive a lot of people you know wear these on a daily basis um and they

Just work they actually do work like but imagine having these with an AI system that’s able to see what you see can talk to you in your ears um you can have a conversation with it um I mean it really does seem like meta could be poised to

Take over but that also brings me to the question is another company going to beat meta to the punch so um that is going to be something that I will have to see but I kind of doubt it because um you know doing all that research design

Engineering um in order to beat a company that has billions of billions of dollars um you know it’s definitely going to be hard but I do think that with any kind of Technology there’s always going to be smaller companies to fill the market now something that Mark Zuckerberg did talk about was absolutely

Crazy and this is what I’m saying we talked about this literally yesterday and that is of course llama 3 and yesterday if don’t know if you guys watched it but we talked about llama 3 and we talked about mistra and essentially these are open source um AI

Projects that are basically going to be um on the level of GPT 4 so essentially there was a leak that we talked about that was saying that you know um llama 3 was essentially planned or essentially is planned to be on the performance level of gbt 4 so open source level gbt

4 will change the game because that means there’s going to be um gtt4 level AI systems that are going to be readily available for everyone to use as much as we want that would be absolutely incredible and that also does mean that opening ey is now forced to release a

Better model which we know is largely going to have a big enough Gap so that they stay and you know stay in the lead and maintain the lead uh you know above open source and above Google which is um means once again we’re going to be getting more and Powerful more models so

Um yeah so um they basically said that if llama 3 is as good as GPT 4 will you guys still open it yeah we will sorry alignment people so um and also in that video we did also talk about how gp4 has a more sophisticated architecture than

Your standard llama um and if you know there are some crazy crazy things like the other day there was this thing called uh I don’t not sure exactly what it was called but it was a coding system that beats Alpha code um to which is absolutely incredible um and that’s

Something that I def want to cover but the point is is that we are moving pretty pretty quickly okay this announcement I I think I think the fact that they’re getting so many gpus is going to be insane like I think all these gpus like you know the kind of

System that they’re going to be training is going to be crazy because I think AGI is not that far away once they’re able to do it that’s going to be crazy I also think that this right here is going to be crazy an AI device with glasses although rabbit’s devices is good

Although the Humane pin is good I think this might just be the thing that takes the cake and I’m willing to bet that meta manages to do this and the fact that they’re saying you know you’re going to be talking to an AI device um you know a lot that doesn’t make sense

And since they’ve already got the meta quest with the metaverse I can definitely imagine there’s going to be a bunch of AI agents in the metaverse we’re going to be talking to maybe NPCs I mean of course maybe you don’t want that maybe you don’t want these glasses

Maybe you don’t really care but I do find that um it’s going to be fascinating you know smart glasses um and yeah it’s going to be a really really interesting time to live through to see this next stage of evolution now my question to you is if these smart

Glasses do come out are you going to be buying them do you really care about AI systems like that are you just going to wait for people to adopt it I personally will be testing them we will be wanting to see how they perform um and I know

That is of course speculation but I mean it just makes sense so I’m willing to bet that they’re probably going to do this sometime in the future and with llama 3 I’m not willing to bet that it’s going to be on the level of gp4 but I do

Think that llama 3 will be close and I do think um this announcement is essentially really really crazy because he also did say lots more to come soon so with all that being said with a huge announcement being made by Mark Zuckerberg um really quickly what do you

Guys think are you guys on yanan side do you think that AGI is far away do you think that we have many years before we’re able to get um comprehensive AI systems on the level of humans or do you think that you know this crazy techn

Future Is On The Rise I think there a bit of both I don’t think we’re going to get AI this year maybe not next year but I think definitely in the next five years we could we most likely have it provided that everything remains stable

So with that being said let me know your thoughts um and I will see you all in the next video

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