Japan and Korea demonstrate their most powerful robot army in action to the US. – Video

Japan and Korea demonstrate their most powerful robot army in action to the US. – Video

The latest advancements in robotic technology from Japan and Korea are revolutionizing the military sector, showcasing the most powerful robot armies in action. In Japan, the Katus robot, standing at 4 meters tall and equipped with rocket launchers and rotary machine guns, is ready for combat. Despite its limitations, upgrades are in the works to make it suitable for military deployment in the near future.

Meanwhile, Korea unveiled the world’s first humanoid robot pilot, capable of operating any human transportation system without modification. This breakthrough promises to expedite transportation automation in various sectors. In addition, Japan’s ARX combat transformer robot and landwalker robot demonstrate the country’s military prowess. These giant robots are designed for potential military applications, showcasing the cutting-edge technology being developed in the region.

With advancements in artificial intelligence and mobility, these robots are set to redefine the future of warfare and defense strategies. The collaboration between engineers and developers in Japan and Korea is paving the way for a new era of advanced military robotics.

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Video Transcript

He katus is the first genuinely combat ready robot in Japan it is a robotic exoskeleton standing about 4 M tall running on diesel and is offered at a price of $1.35 million it was first demonstrated in 2012 the inventors of the robot decided to turn their dream into reality by establishing the company

SW obashi heavy industry and creating their first product the karatas robot this project proved to be so impressive that it attracted serious interest from the Japanese military currently in its present form it may not be suitable for the Japanese military due to its limited maneuverability delivery issues and the robot’s off-road capabilities however

With appropriate upgrades the first deployment of combat robots might become a reality in the near future at present the robot is equipped with two rocket launchers and two rotary machine guns the machine guns can fire 6,000 rounds per minute it moves on wheels at a speed

Of 5 mph approximately 8 kmph for the civilian version while the military version can move twice as fast the driver controls the mechanism from inside the cockpit using a touch screen and two joysticks responsible for the movements of katus arms additionally katus can be controlled remotely not just from the

Cockpit in Korea the first humanoid robot pilot in the world has been created capable of operating any human Transportation Specialists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology unveiled the world’s first humanoid robot pilot what sets the PBO robot apart from other similar projects is its replication of the human body

Allowing it to sit in the seat of any human Transportation without modification the robot can pilot planes and cars and cabins and seats designed for humans this promises to expedite Transportation automation across various sectors in the simplest way possible for the military such a robot would be a

Real breakthrough if placed in a combat fighter thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence system revolutionizing the military sector and creating the ideal Soldier robot the robot can react faster to emergency situations retain all navigation maps and instructions and remain unfazed in complex physical environments such as encountering air pockets and potholes on

The road Additionally the robot will gain experience through artificial intelligence the robot’s capabilities were tested on a flight simulator performing taxiing takeoff cruising Maneuvers and landing in the near future the development team intends to test the robot on a real light aircraft the developers plan to complete the research

Project by 2026 and then proceed with the commercialization of pyot another giant combat transformer robot created in Japan with potential military applications in the future is ARX ARX is a piloted humanoid robot that can transform into different modes the mech robot ARX stands at a height of 4.5

M and its weight reaches around 3.5 tons the robot features a control cockpit four legs each equipped with a wheel to Aid in movement moreover it can transform by pressing a button the pilot can easily expand or contract the platform’s wheelbase the actual mechanism is made from an alloy of iron

And aluminum while the outer shell is crafted from fiber reinforced plastic the robot can be controlled using two joysticks three large monitors and various pedals inside the cockpit equipped with a total of 26 cameras for navigation it is reported that in a standing position arax can reach a

Maximum speed of 2 kmph while with the wheelbase extended it can achieve speeds of up to 10 kmph the mechanism is equipped with functional arms with articulated fingers that the pilot can use to lift objects weighing up to 15 kg it is worth noting that ARX has been

Tested by Japanese Regulators who deem the system safe enough for for potential buyers and the robot is available for purchase at a price of $2.7 million Engineers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in collaboration with rainbow robotics have developed the mobile humanoid robot FX2 when it comes to

Piloted humanoid robots it is usually implied that the pilot will be in a cabin at a sufficiently high height Korean Engineers took a different approach in their development opting for an open seat design instead of a closed cabin the mobile humanoid robot FX2 is equipped with a pilot seat that is not

Enclosed by a safety frame apparently the developers decided that due to the low height of the seat Which is less than 2 m above the ground a helmet would be sufficient at the moment FX2 is unlikely to serve as a fully fledged widely used means of transportation

However as shown in the video it is capable of moving together with a person sitting in it the robot also has two arms with a degree of Freedom comparable to human arms featuring joints in the shoulders elbows and wrists as well as all the fanges on the Five Fingers of of

Each hand the pilot controls both the robot’s movement and the manipulators using two joysticks including the movement of individual fingers of the robot’s hands Japan also created a giant robot for military purposes Japanese engineer sakakibara Kikai demonstrated the land walker robot at his gummy Factory standing at 3.4 M tall the design

Resembles a bipedal exoskeleton robot with a cockpit and two cannons mounted on its arms firing rubber bullets that can be replaced with other weapons as needed the robot was invented by engineer masaki nagumo and was intended for military use although it has not been deployed for its intended purpose

Yet however this is not the only creation of engineer sakaki Barak Kikai one of his latest inventions is the bipedal robot land Walker mononofu an 8.5m giant weighing more than 7 tons assembled in the village of Shinto the robot is armed with a cannon that shoots rubber bullets which can be replaced

With any other weapon if necessary the robot is controlled by a person who has a separate cabin unfortunately the robot has sever several significant drawbacks primarily related to its sluggish movements the Giant’s maximum speed does not exceed 1 kmph or 25 cm per second after the presentation of the robots the

Japanese military showed interest in them but unfortunately these machines have not yet found practical application in the near future these Giants May find a place in the Japanese Armed Forces but Engineers still need to work on improving the technical potential of the robots currently masaki nagumo rents out

His robots for around $930 per hour and they are eagerly booked for various parties and events military robots are being developed at the Korean Institute of industrial technology aiming to replicate the mobility stability and endurance of the Boston Dynamics big dog robot this robot is powered by hydraulic

Actuators and is designed to navigate to specified coordinates autonomously assess the terrain and adjust its gate accordingly additionally The Institute is working on a robot tank capable of serving as border patrol reconnaissance and security Personnel in unmanned mode the robot is equipped with cameras a microphone and a speaker for

Communication and identity verification of potential Intruders it can also be equipped with a machine gun and a wide range of other weapons the robot tank reaches speeds of up to 50 km per hour and can cover 20 to 30 km in a shift depending on the complexity of road

Conditions interestingly all six wheels of the robot can rotate 360° there are real world examples of artificial intelligence being used for military purposes the northern borders of South Korea are guarded by SG A1 Sentry robots Automated machine gun Towers developed by Samsung and controlled by artificial intelligence

This system is considered the first of its kind integrating observation tracking shooting and voice recognition capabilities South Korea began presentations of new unmanned ground Vehicles developed by the local industry unveiling the unmanned transporter Aran Smet at a US military base near Seoul Aran Smet is a compact unmanned

Transporter measuring about 3 m in length and 1 and a half m in width performing tasks typical of unmanned vehicles of this type the main features of the Korean transporter include a range of at least 100 kmet with the manufacturer claiming it may go even further depending on external factors

The maximum speed ranges from 34 kmph to 43 kmph depending on the type of terrain it travels the payload capacity is 550 kg the hanoa Aerospace project aims for Aryan to transport wounded personnel and military cargo such as ammunition medical supplies consuming Ables and more developers have designed it for

Tasks like reconnaissance surveillance as well as remote search operations write in the comments which of the robots shown in this video impressed you the most don’t forget to like this video And subscribe to the Caro show channel also check out our previous videos see you next time

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