Connecting External Axis to OmniCore™ V-line – Video

Connecting External Axis to OmniCore™ V-line – Video

The OmniCore™ V-line – External Axis Connections video showcases ABB’s latest robot controllers, the V250XT Type B and V400XT, which now support up to six external axes for advanced applications. Compared to the IRSC 5, the OmniCore™ V-line controllers offer a standardized external axis connectivity solution, providing maximum scalability and quality.

The controllers come with a motor connection box available in various configurations depending on the number of external axes required for the specific application. This new architecture supports solutions using the motor signal connector on the robot base, as well as standalone solutions with additional motor connection boxes with signal interfaces.

The video demonstrates different examples of connecting external axes for various applications, including spot welding guns, servo motors, positioners, and track motions. With the OmniCore™ V-line controllers, users can achieve maximum productivity, flexibility, and energy efficiency in their robotic operations.

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Learn more about the new support for up to 6 external axes in ABB’s latest OmniCore™ robot controllers, the V250XT Type B and …

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