BREAKING: Sam Altman Confirms Q* Rumours in New Interview – Video

BREAKING: Sam Altman Confirms Q* Rumours in New Interview – Video

BREAKING : Sam Altman’ Confirms Q* Rumours s (New INTERVIEW)

BREAKING: Sam Altman Confirms Q* Rumours in New Interview

In a recent interview with The Verge, Sam Altman, former CEO of Open AI, confirmed the existence of a project called qar, which was leaked from the company. Altman’s statement that the leak was “unfortunate” gives credence to the validity of the qar project. This revelation has sparked speculation about the nature of qar and its potential implications for artificial general intelligence (AGI).

The leak, initially reported by Reuters, raised concerns about the potential threat qar posed to humanity. Altman’s confirmation of the leak has shed a new light on the situation, as it suggests that there may be some truth to the earlier reports.

While Altman did not provide specific details about qar in the interview, his acknowledgment of its existence has sparked a debate about the significance of the project and Open AI’s progress towards AGI. The interview also raised questions about the reasons behind Altman’s sudden firing and the lack of transparency surrounding the situation.

As more information about qar and its implications emerges, it is clear that the controversy surrounding the leak will continue to unfold. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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Video Transcript

So this is by far the most interesting development that I genuinely did not expect and that is the fact that qar is a confirmed leak from open AI now have an interview where Sam Alman actually stated that this leak is basically true so um with that statement I do want to

Say that of course not everything about qar is true there is a lot of conspiracy floating around on the internet but first let’s look into what actually was said decipher what was said and then we can evaluate all of the information that we do have without jumping to any

Conclusions so what do we have so we have a new interview from The Verge so essentially The Verge did an interview with Sam Alman because they wanted to understand why he was fired and they asked him a bunch of questions one of the things he said in this interview was

Clearly our government structure had a problem and this is one of the most enlightening interviews although there is a bit of vagueness around certain statements which is is to be expected because and the reason these guys are really vague is because I’m assuming that they want to keep a level of

Professionality they don’t just want to make Brash statements that could affect not only the company’s image but their image too so we’re going to get into one of the first things that was said and then I’m going to get onto the exact statement that tells us that qar was

Actually something that really did occur and is actually true so you can see that they talk about when Sam Alman was fired and he says when open ai’s board asks Sam Alman to return a day after they fired him he initially felt hurt and angry it took me a few minutes to snap

Out of it and get over the ego and emotions to then be like here of course I want to do that he told me by phone on Wednesday obviously I really loved the company and had poured my life force into this for the last 4 and a half

Years full time really longer than that with most of my time I making such great progress on the mission of safe and beneficial AGI now that’s essentially Sam Alman for the first time in in an interview talking about him being fired and you can completely understand his emotions but the next screenshot that

I’m about to show you definitely shook me a little bit because I wasn’t expecting it to be this true so so this is where Sam Alman confirms that qar is true we get a question from The Verge and they say that the reports about the qar model breakthrough that you all

Recently made what’s going on there and then Alman responds saying no particular comment on that unfortunate leak so Sam Altman didn’t deny it he didn’t say that leak is absolutely bogus he said no comment on that unfortunate leak so it’s unfortunate that that information got out which essentially means that Reuters

Were right in their assumption that there was something called qar and whatever open air I employees that they spoke to it’s likely that the source was legit now remember this is a statement by Sam Alman himself so that means that this definitely has a lot of credence to

It and I mean it couldn’t be anyone else saying this that would give this any more Credence so let’s continue to read this and then I’m going to recover everything we know about qar because now that we know that this leak actually is from open Ai and Sam Alman kind of

Confirmed it himself is we need to kind of look at the information again from a different angle so he says but what we have been saying two weeks ago is that what we are saying today what we have been saying a year ago and what we were

Saying early on is that we expect progress in this technology to continue to be rapid and also that we expect to continue to work very hard to figure out how to make it safe and beneficial that’s why we got up every day before that’s why we will get up every day in

The future and I think we have been extraordinarily consistent so Sam Alman saying you know no particular comment on that unfortunate leak means that look the leak was true but I can’t comment on it so whatever speculation is out there some things of course aren’t going to be

True and of course there are some things that are going to be true but what we do know is that in time we will know now later on he does also talk further and in the paragraph This is what is after that paragraph he says without commenting on any specific thing or

Project or whatever we believe that progress is research you can always hit a wall but we are expected progress will continue to be significant and we want to engage with the world about that and figure out how to make this as possibly good as possible so now that we know

That samman has essentially said no comment on that unfortunate leak that essentially means that this leak is true so that means means that so now that actually means that this has some serious implications so if qar is actually true then that means there are some other things that we initially

Dismissed as being false are likely true which means we need to re-evaluate some of the information that was said and the source that we’re going to be re-evaluating is that from the reuter’s letter because that is the earliest piece of information we did get and that

Is the source of all of the media that we do have online apart from some things on forchan and then of course of course this means that other things are likely to be true as well now there was also something that was quite confusing by Mira morati where in this interview they

Interviewed Mira morati as well and Verge asked her they said is anything about opening eyes approach to safety work changing as a result and they said no this has nothing to do with safety so they’re saying that nothing to do with safety but I just don’t believe that

We’re being told the full story but for now we can only take what were being told in interviews and then go with that information so of course we do have to look back to where the leak actually started and this leak from Reuters is the first piece of information that we

Did get you see it says here opening ey researchers warned Board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO aler and this was at the November 2022 this is exactly what they said several staff researchers wrote a letter to the board of directors warning of a powerful AI discovery that

They said could threaten Humanity now what was interesting was that they also talked about how it was actually two sources and that the previously unreported letter and an AI algorithm were key developments before the board’s alar of out now I do find it interesting because what you have to know here is

That if several staff did write a letter to the board you have to understand that I’m not sure they told senior developers open AI like for example they wouldn’t have told Sam Alman that they were writing this letter they would have just realized what’s going on wrote this

Letter to the board then the board would have just acted immediately and then Sam would have been fired I’m guessing that’s what would have transpired and then of of course we do have a problem with this leak because take a look at this so it says the sources cited the

Letter as one factor among a longer list of grievances by the board leading to outman firing among which there were concerns over commercializing advances before understanding the consequences and the problem is that Reuters was unable to review a copy of the letter staff who wrote The Letter did not

Respond to request for comment so the problem here that we have is that Reuters was unable to review a copy of the letter which means that that you know that letter that was leaked on Reddit Reuters didn’t get to see it so Reuters can’t confirm if that letter

That was floating around on Reddit and forchan if it was true or not so that letter will be dissected in another video coming shortly because there is a ton of information that is truly shocking about that and like I said before it would be much better if this information wasn’t true because the

Ramifications and Global implications are definitely so you can see right here Reuters said after being contacted by Reuters open a ey which declined a comment acknowledged in an internal message to staffers a project called qar and a letter to the board before the weekend’s events one of the people said

An open AI spokesperson said that the message sent by longtime executive Mira morati alerted staff to certain media stories without commenting on their accuracy and of course we have Reuters not seeing the letter so this letter there’s a lot of stuff I did break it

Down once but we do need to break it down against because like I said more information has come out and trust me i’ say you’re going to be quite shocked at the information coming out because it doesn’t debunk the letter it only makes the letter stronger stronger which is

Definitely concerning like I said I hope this letter isn’t true cuz ramifications aren’t great for anyone now something also that Sam Alman did say in the interview that I thought was quite interesting was a question was do you want to be back on the board and then he

Said this is going to sound like a PR talk it’s not my area of Focus right now I have no I have a mountain of very difficult important and Urgent work I want to be able to do my job well but it’s not like being on the board or not

That’s not the thing I’m spending my time thinking about and I’m thinking is that urgent work making sure that qar doesn’t destroy or threaten Humanity or is that just the standard stuff that’s going on opening eye such as the GPT then of course we have more information

So it says some people that open a ey believe Q pronounced qar could be a breakthrough in the startup search for what’s known as AGI and it does say given vast Computing resources we did cover this but I’m going to cover it again the new model was able to solve

Certain mathematical problems the person said on condition of anonymity because the individual was not authorized to speak on behalf of the compan only performing math on the level of grade school students acing such test made researchers very optimistic about Q star’s future success so the reason this

Is quite scary is because Sam mman has said that the leak is unfortunate so we do know that there is a project that is being worked on called qar and the only thing we don’t know is that we don’t know if these capabilities are real or

Not aart of the reuter letter they did actually say we were unable to confirm these capabilities but I think it’s clear now that what we’re starting to see is that qar might just not be a giant conspiracy theory that we once thought it was because Sam Alman in this

Recent interview with the Verge did say that this was an unfortunate leak and in addition to that he did say that we expect progress in the technology to continue to be rapid and we have to make sure to figure out how to make it safe the only question that now does remain

In the minds of everyone is that if we now know that qart was a real leak and Sam Alman said it was an unfortunate leak why is it that everyone is saying that this wasn’t the reason that they Sam Alman if they haven’t given any other reason people like Elon Musk have

Reached out to IIA satova with no comment being said emit Shear one of the members of the board at the time asked around and there weren’t any reasons and allegedly it wasn’t wasn’t regarding AI safety so that means that clearly something here is going on either it was

Regarding AI safety and they don’t want to say because it’s going to make opening ey look really bad it wasn’t AI safety and qar is a breakthrough but it doesn’t threaten Humanity or there was a third reason that they just don’t want to say either like I said I don’t think

This is something that we’re ever going to know because the way in which they’re being deliberately vague nobody saying anything and it just seems like Chinese Whispers at this point with many members of the board and many members of AI seemingly confused I don’t even think

This is something to be focusing on why Sam Alman is fired what we do need to focus on is what exactly is qar and how far ahead are opening eye in terms of achieving AGI the leak of qar is seemingly true which means that they are working on something and potentially

They could be very close to AGI so the other questions that I also have is about elas satova where is he going to be and in the recent video we did talk about the fact that he’s no longer potentially going to be one of the key

Members at open AI Sam Elman did say in a recent statement that he loves him he holds no it will to him but they’re currently figuring out exactly what to do with his position at open AI so that will be very interesting overall it’s definitely very confusing but this

Definitely shows us that this reuter’s article was more likely true or not however we don’t know exactly which parts of this were true which parts were exaggerated but I do think the fact that Sam Alman recently said this was an unfortunately shows us that they aren’t likely lying about this and in addition

The nature in which sam1 was fired the fact that it seemed so quick and so slap Dash definitely shows us that something did come up abrupt either way time will tell more information hopefully will be revealed and I’m intrigued to know your comments down below

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