“Beginner’s Guide to ChatGPT: A Quick Tutorial” – Video

“Beginner’s Guide to ChatGPT: A Quick Tutorial” – Video

ChatGPT Tutorial – A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners

If you’re new to Chat GPT, this crash course is for you! In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a brand new account on OpenAI, logging in, and using Chat GPT. We’ll also cover some of the more advanced ways to use it. By the end of this video, you’ll have a good understanding of how to use Chat GPT and all the features it has to offer.

To get started, head over to openai.com and create a new account if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the chat.openai.com to access the Chat GPT system. If it’s your first time using it, you’ll need to fill out a few details to verify your account.

It’s important to note that Chat GPT is free to use and is mainly used for research purposes. OpenAI has put safeguards in place to ensure the content generated is safe and accurate. They also have a data collection process to improve the system, so be mindful of the information you input.

The system has capabilities to remember previous conversations, allow follow-ups and corrections, but it also has limitations like inaccurate generations and limited knowledge beyond the last couple of years.

Once you’re in the Chat GPT system, using it is simple – just enter a message, query, or prompt, and you’ll get an output. Whether it’s a simple question or a more complex request, Chat GPT can handle it all.

So, let’s dive in and get started with Chat GPT! Join us in this tutorial to learn all you need to know about using Chat GPT.

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Video Transcript

This chat GPT tutorial is a small crash course for any beginner so we’ll be doing a number of things from creating a brand new account on openai to logging and using chat gbt to some of the more advanced ways to use it if there’s anything you want to know this video

Should cover it all let’s begin I’m going to start on Google here and I’m gonna browse to find open AI you can also head over to openai.com if you want to skip this step here is the company that basically created chat GPT they’ve created a number of different types of

Apis and if you want to have a look at them all you can head over to the API page we’re going to be looking at the chat GPT version if you want to head to that you should be able to select the top nav bar here this will take you to a

Page called chat.openai.com if you don’t already have a login with openai you can select to sign up and create a brand new one for the sign up it’s quite easy you can simply log in with an email address or with a Google or Microsoft account while

I already you have an account I’m going to create a brand new one so that you guys can see this process I’m going to sign up with a new email address and go through the prompts to create an account this way this will require the email

Address as well as a password and a two-step verification process which will do the first thing that will happen is an email will be sent to the mailbox that you’re signed up with in this case it’ll be sent to my gmail address I’m going to head over to that inbox now and

We’re going to select the verification for email address button this will basically activate the account so we can log straight into the open AI systems now the open AI dashboard isn’t chat GPT it’s a separate dashboard to start using some of their normal models here for

Their open AI systems but to go back to chatgpt we need to select the link up here that takes us to chat.openai.com here we’ll need to log in one more time and this should take us to the chat GPD system so again I’m going to put in my

Email address as well as my password in here and this will now finally take me to chat GPT as this is the very first time I’m using it I need to fill out just a few more details so here I’m going to fill out my name as well as my

Phone number which will verify my account this will send me that two-step verification so I’ll put in the code I received on my phone number and finally we’re now in chat GPT and its systems and we can start to use it the first thing to know is that chat GPT is free

And it’s mainly used right now for research purposes there are a few prompts worth reading here when you get started things like their goal here is to get some external feedback in order to continue to improve the system as well as making it safer they also have a

Few safeguards in place because there are occasions where the generations are incorrect or even misleading so be aware of that because if offensive or biased Pro content is produced then you might not want to use the given device let’s have a look at what else is being used

Here so we also have the collection of data so the prompts and items that you are entered in are actually reviewed by their AI trainers in order to improve the systems so this means just take notice of what kind of prompts you’re putting in and also don’t share sensitive informations that might be

Happening inside your conversations which means that if you’re putting in passwords which really you shouldn’t be try not to post screenshots of that there’s also a importance of feedback here because as you do discover and utilize the system more giving feedback can help them improve the system there

Is a Discord server that you can join where you can share your feedback and this one over here is actually accessible so I’m just gonna log into this open AI one and it already has half a million members which wow that is quite a few you’ll need to go through

The prompts here so visit the website make sure that you read this and then complete the little survey here making sure that you’re not going to be doing anything such as spamming or anything like that so I’ve just applied here and here we’ve got all our discussion

Threads and whatnot so you can join as part of the community now let’s begin this is chat GPT it actually has a couple of elements here on the page worth knowing we’ve got the sidebar here which essentially doesn’t really do much the main item here is the reset thread

Which I’ll get into shortly here we have a couple of example inputs that we can place and the input is just over here this is where you can type your text we also have some details here about the capabilities and limitations let’s take

A look at all of this so in terms of the capabilities the chat GPT system actually remembers what you said in previous conversations now be aware that this is the conversation thread that you’re currently having if you strike up a brand new conversation thread that won’t be remembered just the current one

That you’re in it also allows you to do follow-ups and Corrections so for example if you didn’t get quite the answer that you’re looking for you can always ask for another one or really just re-prompt for a different option the AI is also trained to decline providing negative or inappropriate

Requests so if for example you’re asking for something malicious most times out of 10 it will not provide that however there are odd situations where it might accidentally do this and let’s go to the limitations this time to have a look at some of the problems that you might

Encounter when using chatgpt firstly some of the generations might actually be inaccurate it is only trained until the last couple of years of information so it’s not able to say access the internet right now it is in an offline State as of a year or two ago it also

Doesn’t do mathematics very well so it might have some issues if you’re doing things like 10 plus 9 it might not give you the correct answer there’s also some bias to the content that is produced based on what you’ve produced earlier in the conversation and this could essentially mean that it occasionally

Produces some harmful instructions and those have to just sort of be ignored and finally as I mentioned earlier there is limited knowledge Because the actual AI is trained for events just towards 2021. this means that it won’t have up-to-date information of relevant and current facts that are happening in the

World with all of this said and done now we can now actually start taking a look at using chat GPT the first thing to take note of is that using it is very simple all we have to do is enter in a message or a query or a prompt of what

We want the AI chat GPT to do for us and then we get an output there are a few examples here with buttons basically asking us maybe explain what Quantum Computing is or how to make a HTTP request in JavaScript but I’m going to minus these out and I’m going to use my

Own which is what is 10 plus 9 as a question mark this is a pretty simple prompt then we simply select enter or set the button here and press and click on it and we start with our very first prompt now here we have two parts to this prompt we’ve got what we’ve

Prompted and then we’ve got the output here from openai now this is pretty damn simple but there are a few things to take note of here the first thing is the question what is ten plus nine now we’ve got the output here that says 19 but we

Also have this option here to try again so if I was to select that what we end up getting is essentially the same answer but just written in a different way in this case it’s been written more mathematically which is 10 plus 9 equals 19 but it’s not just 19 like it was

Before and we can continue to click on this but if for example we’ve given as many results as we possibly can then it might error out like you just saw earlier or it might continue to give us better answers like this is a half mathematical half verbal one where it

Says 10 plus 9 is 19. we can try again and this time it says 10 plus 9 is 19. so it’s almost repeating now you’ll get to a point where there’s only so many ways it can be written we have a number of other things to to take note of we’ve

Got these thumbs up and thumbs down icons and this is to give open AI some feedback as to the prompts we have here we also have these arrows here when you hover over to show the different types of outputs that you’ve gotten based on the input that you’ve provided now I’ve

Just done five of them so I can toggle through them and I like number five the most so this one I can give a thumbs up now if for example it gave a poor answer we could do the same by going back here it says an error occurred and I say

No answer provided so this for example is how you would provide feedback to the system if you needed to now this is our very first prompt in this conversation we can continue to make more props such as saying how good is open a eyes chat GPT at maths and ask this question so

This question is still part of this conversation and we’re getting an answer now being streamlined and generated from open ai’s chat GPT it says as a large language model trained by openai it doesn’t really have the ability to perform mathematical calculations now here’s where you might have to be

Careful there are situations where the outputs might not actually generate the kind of consistent answers you might be looking for such in this example I’m going to trick the AI saying that it is actually 20. 10 plus 9 is 20. now the prompt will say that it is a language

Model so what’s going to happen now is I’m going to ask one more prompt saying is 10 plus 9 equal 20 and since I previously said that it was now it’s been tricked it actually does think that 10 plus 9 is 20 and it’s going to confirm that answer this is where

Confirmation biasm might come into play and you have to be careful what kind of prompts you’re putting in because they will influence the outputs that chatgpt provides now this entire thing here is a conversation station and we could continue this conversation indefinitely but we’re not gonna do that we’re going

To start a new conversation this is because all of this conversation is essentially structured in such a way that it’s in history it’s essentially taking reference of what we’ve said earlier in the conversation and pulling that context into new responses this is why we got 10 plus 9 is now correct as

20 which doesn’t make much sense in order to go back we’re gonna reset the thread and we’re going to select at the top left button over here in order to do that it’ll take us back to this main dashboard here and now we can start up a

Brand new conversation I’m going to ask the same question here is 10 plus 9 20 which we know is incorrect but we tricked it earlier that it was this time however since the chat GPT system is not referencing that previous conversation it’s going to answer the correct manner

Even though math isn’t the best example this is just a good example to Showcase that no 10 plus 9 is not equal to 20. it’s actually 19 which is correct and with that said and done we now know all the basics to more or less utilize chat

GPT there are a few other things I want to show on the website before we move on to some more advanced examples and how to utilize cha GPT to its full effect let’s take a look at the rest of the website here we have this toggle here

For dark and light mode so the default I’m pretty sure is the dark mode or whatever your operating system is on I’m going to swap to dark mode which well doesn’t do anything but then I can also swap to light mode which is a little bit harsh on the eyes personally I prefer

The dark mode which is what I’ll keep it connected to I also have the option here to connect to the Discord server that we had a look at earlier as well as the option to have a look at the FAQs and updates which takes you to a form like

Website here where you get to learn a little bit more about chat GPT how it works and its background it is essentially based on the gbt 3.5 model which is a newer one that provides human-like feedback let’s begin with our first Advanced prompt this a prompt will

Be on how to create some food specifically some seafood first of all I don’t particularly know yet what type of food I want so I’m going to ask Chad GPT to give me 10 dishes with seafood and here is an example of a list prompt this

Is where you ask chat GPT to give you a specific number of items of a specific number of things in this case it’s 10 items of seafood the output here should be based on the context of that query so in this example it’s a human propped

That is being outputted with a list of 10 items but it also gives you a little bit more context here saying that there are different levels of difficulty for each one of these dishes now this is where things can get interesting because we can now start having a look at this

List and selecting options we like such as the first two for shrimp and salmon burgers and then following up this conversation with more queries I’m going to ask in the next part of this conversation if chat GPT can create a shopping list for me based on the very

First two items those two being shrimp and salmon I don’t have to particularly say shrimp and salmon it should just know based off the context or the conversation and the result here is essentially creating another list but this list does not have a specific length it’s based on

The options we added in earlier so here it provides an output that is indented and bullet pointed for each one of the dishes for the salmon burgers and the shrimps to let me know exactly what I would need to buy from the shops to be able to put these together that is

Pretty damn cool and this is just also still the beginning because we can continue this conversation based on all this context now that chat GPT has provided us a list of 10 dishes as well as a shopping list for all the ingredients we would need to make one or

Two of those dishes the next practical question is quite intuitive which is can you tell me exactly how to cook for example salmon burgers which is something of a thing that we would normally have to Google a lot for but based on this and the ingredients chat

GPT will provide us with one final list of exactly what steps we would need to put them together this is just a quick shopping list example of open ai’s charge EPT now that you have an idea of how you can continue a conversation let’s have a look at some more examples

This time I’m going to use chat GPT to do some coding for me I’m going to use one of the pre-made prompts here on how to do a HTTP request in JavaScript this is a pretty ordinary prompt but here we’ll get to start to see some of the

More coding aspects of charge EBT and what it can perform here it’s going to answer this question but it’s going to do this in a number of ways first it’ll give me some context as to what it’s doing then it’s going to give me the code snippet of exactly how to perform

The function based on the prompt I’ve put in and then finally it’ll give me a description of what the code is specifically doing all of this is quite useful and this is just the beginning I’m going to request chat GPT to update this request and instead of it just

Being a generic API call for data instead we’re going to to grab some weather data now I’m going to ask if it can get me the weather in New York City and I wanted to Output how this query might look like in terms of JavaScript the response back is that openai will

Generate the request for you it will create a generic version of that request using a weather API that doesn’t really exist you’ll need to pick your own with an API key that you’ll need to enter but the request should look something like this where it’s getting an example.com

Passing in the weather City being New York City as well as the units and passing in the API key it’ll then explain exactly how this get request would work as well as how it would come back in the form of a Json that you could then utilize inside your

Application this is all pretty useful but not quite everything that we’re looking for just yet the next step here is to ask it to update this query in order for it to Loop through the data that we would get back from this API and then play lace this into a website now

Something to take note of here with chatgpt is that you have to be quite accurate in how you’re requesting different things this is why if for example you have a background in programming writing these prompts might be a lot easier because you know what you’re after whereas if you’re not quite

Sure it might be a little bit more difficult and this is actually kind of true for all types of Industries where chat GPT might be useful in this example I’m getting it to Loop through temperature wind and precipitation and this should create a brand new output

For me and this is where the complexity and benefits of what chat gpds start to shine through because what’s going to happen here is we’re going to get a piece of code that is not just a fetch request but it’s also going to be a loop

Function which is going to pull out the values from the data response and then it’s going to put this into a website for us after it pulls out the values of temperature wind speed and precipitation it’s then going to create the JavaScript code to place them into a website using

P element tags and then append them to the website body finally it’s going to go through the code here and explain exactly what’s happening like I just have been where it’s using an example API with example code so you really need to update this to make it work for your

Own project there are going to be occasions where the chat GPT systems are going to be offline or for example unable to answer a prompt in this next example I wanted to do a story about a rabbit and a mouse and I put in an option here and I got a response back

That an error has occurred I’ve selected try again a couple of times and that didn’t work either now this can sometimes occur when the output of a prompt might for example have some incorrect information maybe something that might be harmful or maybe even inaccurate and in those situations

Chatgpt is automatically set in such a way as to not to provide a response this is a safety mechanism sometimes a different way to approach this is to Simply write a different prompt so that you might have a different output from Chad gbt but in some situations if the

Servers are entirely down you might find that you just might have to wait a little bit another thing you can do is always refresh the page or alternatively just log off completely restart the browser and then log back into your session because that also sometimes fixes the problem now let’s do a short

Story I’m gonna do a story about a rabbit and a turtle that went on an adventure this is a simple request for a story from openai and it’s actually quite good at providing these it’s going to give us a story about these two that go on adventure where they swim across a

River there is a small moral to this story which is useful but it’s really kind of generic here if I want to have a more specific story based on the prompt I’m putting in I’m gonna have to be be more specific with the prompt and this is where follow-up conversations can be

Useful for this example I want to change the moral of the story to be one more focused about patience especially when doing a story like this it makes sense between a rabbit and a turtle chat gbt should be able to now rewrite the entire story with more emphasis on

This specific moral if we look closely it has done just that it’s got a moral here about how it was important to be more patient and the turtle was able to do this this time along I wanted to also give me the same story but throw in a little bit

Of humor so I’m gonna ask it to keep the moral and add in a joke maybe somewhere at the end let’s see what happens this time I’m gonna fast forward a little bit but we can see that it’s more or less the same story but at the very end of

The story we have a nice little joke here that I guess it goes to show that slow and studied really does win the race another type of prompt that you can work with Chachi PT is one of a sort of Storytelling video game which is a really cool one that I’ve always enjoyed

Because of the creative answers that chachibidi provides in this case I’m going to give the prompt that chat GPT is gonna pretend to be a text video game with options of a b c and d and then from that we’re gonna pick a scene from The Matrix and we’re gonna see what we

Get presented with the output is based on some storytelling it begins nice and simple you find yourself in a dark alley and we’ve got the options to select from here I can now continue this conversation by selecting an option such as the option b here and the story continues what’s really interesting

About this type of prompt is that you can pick any type of story from any type of scenario you can pick ancient history you can pick literature you can pick movies and then you can enjoy the creativity that jat GPT provides while also going through and being a little

Bit part of that experience another popular way to use chat GPT is to generate content for things like websites or even documents that you might need to prepare while you might not want to use the entire document as is you’ll need to modify it it can give

You a helping hand in creating these in this example I’m going to create a copyright and privacy policy for a website this is something common I have to do as a developer but here I have an outline of a bit of a template that I

Can start using and I can be a bit more specific saying that it’s for accounting website which allows me to maybe have something more well outline for that type of a website as part of the privacy policy as well as the copyright statement of course if you want to take

This a step further we can do that too since I’m located in Australia I want these templates to be more specific to this country so I’m going to ask it to update these in the prompt I’m just going to Simply write that as someone who lives in Australia Perth please

Update these to be relevant for the country that I live in the output from chat gbt essentially is the same but with new updated information such as the Privacy Act which is specific to Australia as well as wordings such as including Australia and international copyright law in its template chat GPT

Is also quite creative as well as being able to produce humor in this example I’m going to ask it to write a nerdy pun why was the math book sad because it had too many problems yeah a good one if we do a refresh we get more or less the

Same game output but we can continue to ask it for more jokes or more puns as we need and we’ll get quite a few many of course depending on how you write this prompt is how you’ll also get the output so for example you might want a longer

Joke so in this case I’m going to say write me a nerdy maybe joke or a short story and they would produce a longer content versions of the same output you can also be deliberate about your jokes and content such as combining two elements together to see what is

Produced in this example I’m going to combine a hat with a rabbit and see what chat GPT can up come up with I’m gonna ask her to tell me a joke combining these two items and here I get why did the Hat keep falling off the rabbit’s

Head because it had a hairline nice you can also put chat GPT into situations to produce humor and jokes too so for example I’m going to get it to pretend to be a say Elon Musk and I’m gonna pretend it had just bought Twitter which

You know Elon sort of has done then to create a joke Elon would say after he sport Twitter now since the API doesn’t know that Elon has bought Twitter it’s going to have to guess here but its guess is actually kind of accurate saying that Elon would increase the

Character limit there is another type of prompt which is useful and this is the one of writing things such as documents or cover letters or even job applications altogether I’m going to request chatgpt to create a professional cover letter for a junior developer position at a company called meta and

It’s going to be for myself Adrian tuarog and I want to essentially use it as something that I can do to apply for this job who knows also the basics for programming in general so with this kind of a prompt it’s quite specific but it will also give me a

Specific output so here I’ve generated one to a hiring manager is giving me a good introduction of who I am and what I’ve done apparently I’ve done a bachelor’s degree of computer science which is impressive as well as working at an internship company called XYZ so

All of these are things that I would maybe need to update a little bit before say posting it off but this also might be inaccurate I might not even have a bachelor’s degree this is where we can go through and update this prompt of this cover letter say removing the fact

That I have maybe no prior job experience but maybe listing out that I worked on quite a few different types of projects when I actually was doing a boot camp in programming rather than going through University openai will go through this prompt and update it based

On the context of what is now required and this is what makes it pretty cool because you can as essentially version out different types of cover letters here depending on your needs the real trick here is to be specific whenever you’re prompting cha GPT to create an

Output for you but in terms of that it usually grabs the context of what you’re saying quite effectively as long as you write it in a clear and understood way let me continue this example now this time based on this cover letter I want charging PT to create a resume for me

That I could maybe combine as part of this application so I can simply write based on this cover letter write a resume which includes things like skills maybe work experience maybe even other things such as languages or Etc based on the context of this I’m applying for the

Same position and let’s have a look at what GPT produces so here it starts off with some Essentials which is like a phone number as well as a spot there for an email address it has a small summary if for example the person skipped reading the cover letter it then goes

Through and lists out my skills which is quite cool as well as the education it actually has combined a both a bachelor’s degree and a boot camp which are two separate things from that context but we could update that it’s added in the experience as well as some

Example projects and all of this is content that could now be used in a resume as long as it was properly updated with real world examples of what I’ve actually done chat GPT is also very effective at doing summaries as well as pulling out content from documents let’s

Have a look at the Privacy Act of 1988 here from Australia I’m going to scan down to this document and I’m just going to copy paste a random section of it into chat GPT then I’m gonna give Chachi PT a query of what to do in this example

I wanted to maybe summarize or explain to me this Privacy Act in simpler terms and then I’m going to copy paste the text here there are a few other variations that we can do here and I’ll get into the shortly but for the time being let’s just start off with this

Simple example the output is just a sentence or a paragraph here explaining what this section of the Privacy Act intends to explain and while I won’t get into the specifics of that this is just an example of how you can do this this is basic summarization of course you can

Summarize it even further such as requesting chat GPT to simply pull out the five most important keywords from the above statement summarization with chat GPT can work in a number of ways you don’t always just have to explain a summary you can give it specifics of how you want to present that information

Such as explaining it to me like I’m five years old this can give quite a few different types of answers you can do it for someone who’s older younger or you could even simplify that even further by asking to explain it for a three-year-old and I like this answer

Because it gave a prompt here where I could understand that if someone does something bad with your private information the government will help make it better that is definitely for a three-year-old another way we can request summarization is by being specific with the word count such as

Explaining it in 20 words or less here it looks like open AI had to think a little bit on how to explain this one but the resulting answer was within the context of what I requested which was for it to be in 20 words or less and I

Actually really like this one it said the Privacy Act is a law that protects individuals information and provides a mean for privacy concerns I’m now going to explore some of the strengths of chat GPT in terms of blogging writing articles rephrasing and much more we want to create a blog topic and we’re

Going to use chat gbt to assist in that process we’re going to request that it provides 10 log topic title ideas for an article that might be something to do with say Graphics design or website Graphics design and that is it from that it’s going to give us a list

Of 10 different types of options we’ve got things like the essential principles for graphics design role in color common mistakes Etc from this list I’m gonna select option three which I like seven common mistakes to avoid in website Graphics design but I don’t particularly like that title just yet so I’m going to

Ask Chad GPT to give me five variations on that topic title then I’m going to paste in the topic Title Here it gives me five different types of options here but all of them aren’t that interesting and I’m actually quite happy with that very first one now we can move into

Writing the outline for this blog post using chat gbt I’m going to ask it to provide me the outline for the article in clear writing and the title which I picked which is the seven pitfalls to avoid for website Graphics design now I will get a pretty well written

Outline it’ll include include an introduction with a couple of points the seven pitfalls themselves so it’ll pick out those pitfalls give me a short summary in dot points of what they are and how they work and then it’ll also fill in a conclusion this is pretty much

Everything that I would need if I was writing a Blog article and this is again still just the beginning because now I’m gonna ask it to even write the introduction for this article and I want it to be at least three sentences long the output here will give me that

Introduction which is Graphics design plays a crucial role in the success of a website Etc here’s where we can start playing around with writing blogs and content in general we could ask chatgpt to rephrase the following sentence and then paste in the sentence we want and here it’ll give

Us an alternative sentence which is a little bit more nuanced I suppose it says the success of a website is heavily influenced by its Graphics design it’s essentially saying the same thing but we can also ask chat gbd to do a number of other things such as lengthen the

Sentence so here it’s saying the same sentence but it’s a little bit longer the reverse is also true if we’ve got sentences and that are slightly too large we can also ask cha GPT to shorten them and this provides a shorter version which is very similar to what we

Originally had and we can even ask it to fix the grammar so say I was just writing my own blog and I wanted to spell check and grammar check then it can work as a bit of a co-writer that there for you essentially making sure that your sentence are good graphics

Design impact good website comes out essentially saying a good graphics design can impact a good website much better written if you’re writing for blogs in different languages Chad GPT can even translate that to pretty much any language I’m just gonna take a guess here and see if it can translate the

Above statement or sentence into say German in this case I could probably plug this into Google to make sure it’s correct but honestly I think I almost trust chatgpt here more within translation than even Google the reverse is also true if you’ve got something in a different language such as German and

You want to translate it back to English you can do that you can even add in things like adding it in a friendly joking way and we get back this example here a good graphics design can totally Rock a website socks off which is pretty

Funny now that we have a outline for our blog an introduction and say we’ve written it as well we can even prepare a new newsletter for it to be sent out by email and even have Chad gbt create the subject line for that email here I’m

Just going to ask it to create the subject line for an email newsletter based on the above and it’s going to give me an output here of maximize your website’s potential with these Graphics design tips perfect I hope you guys enjoyed this chat GPT tutorial this crash course is just an introduction so

That you can understand a better way of how to use it to your best advantage of course if you have questions or if you have suggestions let me know in the comments below don’t forget to like the video and subscribe if you want to see content like this thank you

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