“ABB SOMA VPC and IMTEX Exhibition in Bengaluru, India” – Video

“ABB SOMA VPC and IMTEX Exhibition in Bengaluru, India” – Video

The ABB Robotics 2024 SOM Value Provider Conference held in Bengaluru, India was a testament to the strong partnership between ABB and its value providers. The event brought together over 100 partners who play a crucial role in shaping the future of industries such as automotive and foundry through automation and industry 4.0 technologies. ABB’s expertise in robotics technology and its global supply network make it the ideal partner for companies looking to automate and innovate.

The conference provided a platform for valuable exchange of thoughts and ideas, accelerating innovation and collaboration between ABB and its partners. The event emphasized the importance of value providers in driving growth and creating deep solutions for customers. ABB’s goal is to empower value providers with the technology and capabilities needed to meet the demands of specialized robot applications and deliver exceptional value to customers.

The conference was a celebration of the strong relationships and collaborative efforts between ABB and its value providers, and a showcase of the latest advancements in robotics technology. The video captures the highlights of the event, providing an inside look at the energy and excitement of the ABB Robotics 2024 SOM Value Provider Conference.

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Enjoy the highlights of our Value Provider conference held in Bengaluru for our SOMA region, in January 2024. Thanks to everyone who came along.

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